Pump! All-Sport Socks 2-Pack Panther

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All Sport Performance with the new PUMP! Duo Pack (2 pairs) All Sport Sock. This low cut sock has a Cushioned Sole, built with Odour Resistance Technology and Mesh Ventilation & Moisture Control. Built-in Arch and Ankle Support make sure your good to go on your feet all day.

Material: 98% NYLON 2% SPANDEX

One Size (fits 8-12)

Bring forth a mysterious and edgy look to your footwear with PUMP!’s All-Sport Panther Socks. Their cushioned soles, odour resistant technology, mesh ventilation, moisture controlling fabric, and built in arch and ankle support heighten these stylish socks into an everyday necessity that will keep your feet comfortable and breathable, regardless of your environment.

  • All Sport Performance
  • Duo Pack (2 pairs)
  • Low Cut
  • One Size (fits 8-12)
  • Cushioned Sole
  • Odour Resistance Technology
  • Mesh Ventilation & Moisture Control
  • Arch & Ankle Support Built In
  • Black and Blue.