Be a Burly Fellow

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Be a Burly Fellow

Burly Fellow was the inception of two blokes who wanted to make a brand for the modern man

The idea was crafted over a few beers and an open and honest chat - Something most men struggle to do amongst peers. Having realised this, they came up with a grooming line tailored for the average bloke, with the idea of ending the taboo of men speaking up about their own personal battles in life.

The brand is an engine for voice – to promote good mental health. To get blokes talking about the struggles in life.

Their products have been formulated by the yoda of personal care, a man behind some of the world’s most reputable brands. As well as this, they have worked tirelessly with amazing barbers to create a product that they would feel proud to have sitting on their shelf. A product they can use day in, day out and know for certain that their clients will be left looking and feeling a million bucks when they step out of the chair

Proudly supporting Beyond Blue, an organisation dedicated to helping depression and anxiety they have inherited the role of purveyors of happiness for men, having also fought the black dog themselves.

They are Burly Fellow. The Practitioners of Confidence.

Burly Fellow is available at CIRCA75

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