What Does Your Underwear Say About You?

Briefs: Securely Confident

Briefs are the ultimate supportive and classic underwear style. Men who wear briefs love practicality and comfort, expressing an easy and relaxed attitude that has them feeling confident and ready to take on whatever the world has to offer.  

Pump Squad Brief

Boxer Briefs: Cool and Collected

Boxer Briefs are stylish and modern. Men who wear boxer briefs are unafraid to trend into vivacious colours, patterns, or designs – while simultaneously knowing when appropriate to retreat to their classic black and white sleek pair. Boxer Briefs exude contemporary flair, self-appreciation, and a cool attitude that demands attention.

Pump Squad Jogger

Boxers: Breezy and Easy

Boxers are the breezy old-school underwear that celebrates freedom. Men who wear boxers are usually unconcerned and carefree. Wearing boxers means you are laid-back and easy going, with a no worry, be happy attitude.

Thong: Curiously Strong

The thong is the bold statement underwear that evokes curiosity and wild fun. Men who wear thongs are never held down, using their go-getter attitude to pursue whatever their heart desires. Fearless, the thong wearer is self-assured and ambitious.

Jockstrap: Playfully Naughty

The jockstrap is a sultry and playful underwear that offers support and sporty chic flair. Men who wear jockstraps are at both flirtatious and mischievous. The jockstrap man is forward and direct, while also charming and mysterious. They balance love and lust, knowing exactly when to let their inner animal shine.

Garcon Model Jockstrap

Erotic: Can’t Be Tamed

The erotic underwear is exciting and avant-guard. Found in a variety of different cuts, styles, and designs, the man who wears erotic underwear is lewd and racy, with the utmost confidence and sexual enticement.

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